WATER – Part of Zakee Shariff "The 5 Spiritual Elements"

Zakee Shariff's WATER is from Zakee's new set of drawings THE 5 SPIRITUAL ELEMENTS.

is a dedication to the oceans of our planet. Zakee is a big ocean lover. WATER is about the healing qualities and power water brings, without it we couldn't survive. Our bodies, are made up of up to 60% of water. It is about waters capacity to heal and nurture all living energy. WATER honours Zakee's love of the moon and how the tides are determined by the waxing and waning of the moon. Lastly this artwork uses Zakee's iconic "Raining Peace Drop" Created 24 years ago and used throughout her career within many of her art and design work.  

• Signed and numbered first edition of 25
• Giclée print on 255 gsm archival paper
• Choice of two sizes:
50 × 50 cm
25 × 25 cm

For any custom sizes not shown here, please email the studio studio@zakeeshariff.com

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