Photography – Tiffany Mumford

Photography – Tiffany Mumford

Zakee Shariff  Studio is the studio of artist, designer and transformation coach Zakee Shariff,  based in the busy industrial area of Park Royal, London NW10.

Zakee Shariff  is 1st generation born Londoner, raised by parents from India, Africa, Iran and America.  Zakee draws on her ancestry and weaves her spirituality, love of travel, adventure, music, street culture, and the power of healing through beauty, into all her work. All her output aims to empower and touch peoples hearts through connection. By doing so she creates an emotional response, a transformation and a sense of healing.

Zakee Shariff  has worked for 25 years with a diversity of clients around the globe. Her work consists of fine art, commercial art, printed textiles, illustration, fashion collections and a diversity of unique product.

Zakee Shariff Studio – Three Pillars

Zakee always starts with her art. She uses the mediums of paint, linear drawing and silkscreen-printing. Her art work is sold, by commission and via her web-store. She has exhibited in gallery exhibitions in the UK and globally.
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Zakee is a trained printed textile designer and created her designer/street wear womenswear brand “ Zakee Shariff ”. Consisting of hand printed/painted and embroidered clothing, accessories and shoes. Zakee intuitively abstracts from her artwork to create her textiles. Her collections were made up of woven and  jersey clothing, shoes and accessories.  This ran from 1998 – 2005. In 2014 – 2019,  Zakee created a smaller “ Made To Order ” collection. Her collections sold worldwide. Zakee creates unique, strong, sensitive, timeless designs, products and garments. Over the years Zakee has developed a unique signature style and she has acquired a loyal following here in the UK, Japan and other parts of the globe.

Zakee has also consulted, art/creative directed a diversity of projects in the fields of fashion, textiles, interiors, music, publishing, art, wholesale and retail.  Zakee is a born collaborator and thrives working in collaboration. She is a natural ground based leader with 25 years of experience, contacts and clients. She has a true gift at working as a team to make a creative vision come alive.

Zakee’s studio contains a fully functioning silk-screen print-room. For both fabric and paper. Within it Zakee creates her artwork, limited edition clothing and other products. These are sold direct to her clients or via her web shop.

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Zakee has a unique eye on how she sees the world. You can witness this more via her creative blog SUPERMOON

Zakee is also a trained transformation coach, a mentor & small group facilitator. She has worked over the last 13 years with artists, creatives and solopreneurs , to leverage their talent and become the change they want to see in the world. She does this through her coaching practice Dream Forward.


Zakee Shariff  Studio is always open to new creative partnerships, if you have an idea for a project or collaboration, please do contact the studio.

Her creative clients including : Atlantic Records, Brownswood Recordings, Bugaboo, Channel 4, Colette, Early Majority, Exposure, Frost Body by Sadie Frost, Laurence King, Levis, Liberty, Mattel,  Medicom Toy, Nike, Paul Smith, Roxy Heart by Roxy, Saint Laurent, Savannah Miller, Selfridges, Victoria & Albert Museum, X-Girl

To work with 1-2-1 with Zakee as a coach, or to enquire about group facilitation/workshops,  please email. team@dreamforward.co.uk